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S1E9 - Deciding to Go In-house in a Changing Legal Industry

with Kenny Tung, In-Gear Legalytics

We talk again with Kenny Tung, long-time China-based General Counsel in the region at companies such as PepsiCo, Goodyear, Honeywell, and Kodak. A deeper dive into how the legal industry is changing and what young lawyers should consider when deciding to go in-house. Kenny recently published an excellent related article in Legal Business World -

1:58 – How has the legal industry changed in the last few years?

8:38 – How “biglaw” came about and how it is hit now in a recession.

11:30 – Clients questioning what they’re paying for from firms and how firms will adapt?

15:56 – How is this affecting people’s decision to go in-house?

21:00 – Law firms integrating into clients and self-disciplining on fees and work scopes.

24:20 – How are in-house counsel expanding their roles within companies?

32:35 – Are in-house lawyers making themselves obsolete by automating process and increasing efficiencies?

40:50 – How people and cultural skills are more important than ever for lawyers especially in-house.

45:20 – How in-house lawyers can drive the decision-making process in a big company.

51:42 – A call to making change in your legal department and its role in the company.


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